Drive to Kuelap. It was discovered in 1843 by Dr. Juan Crisostomo Nieto, Chachapoyas judge that had to perform an inspection of Tingo. After three hours of climbing on the backs of horses was first observed, with great admiration, the walls covered with vegetation, but in full view of an archaeological monument that continues to defy the centuries. It is really a unique strength in the world, one of the most fabulous architecture in America which its actual dimensions are still unknown because it was found entirety covered by vegetation and accumulated debris for centuries. The perfect organization of the Chachapoyas could raise in the twelfth century AD the imposing mass of 10, 000 tons of stone carving. Its shape is elongated ellipse oriented north to south and east, built on top of a hill, whose slopes are very steep and inaccessible, more than 500 feet above the gorge cut peak, so their defense only had to worry about caring the fourth position, which is also the only one main entrance constructed that was very easy to control, this indicates that it is not just a housing complex, if not a stronghold fortified, perhaps used as an extreme defense. The walls and hundreds of round houses are covered by the cloud forest at 3000 meters, always surprises visitors who watch it for the first time. Explore many ceremonial buildings and aqueducts.