Gocta Waterfall

Gocta - Perú

In the village of Cocachimba, inhabited by about 200 families, began the hike to the Gocta waterfall with its 771 meters fall. When the German researcher Stefan Ziemendorff discovered it, it was thought that it was the third highest in the world behind Angel Falls in Venezuela and Tugela Falls in South Africa. We now know that there are other higher, but this first statement was used by the settlers to leave the fear of legends and myths regarding the presence of a siren and a serpent guarding the place. To get to the bottom of Gocta, we have to walk about 5 km along a trail of uneven terrain, through a dense and very colorful rain forest. After 2 hours, arriving at the falls where you can enjoy the nature that gives the place before returning to the hotel. With a little luck, you can observe the Cock of the Rock among other species of the place.